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Social Media Marketing

Likes, posts, followers, tweeting, chatting, pinning, blogging, circles, fans, favorites, sharing, commenting …. today’s common phrases that really show how social media marketing (personally and for business use) has made a huge impact in our daily lives across all generations. Using a carefully designed Social Media Marketing Plan helps to create valuable relationships, trust and credibility with your focus audience which will ultimately lead to client loyalty. The use of social media allows you to become an authoritative voice without being too self-promoting in an interactive setting being driven by content rich information. Additionally, social media platforms encourage conversation and sharing which allows you to organically build your business’s audience. Don’t forget to add social media links to your website as well – that helps in many ways.

How SharpShooter Marketing Group Creates Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Numero Uno: The first thing we do is create or update header images on all your existing social media sites as well as new ones that can benefit your business. We match the images and basic information to the website in order to keep everything consistent.

Social Media Setup: We analyze your target audience and determine where they are predominantly receiving their information regarding products and/or services your company provides. Our goal is to focus on the highest used social media platforms for focus audience development. For example, teens/millennials interested in purchasing clothing are not interacting on the same platforms as say 50+ year olds are.

Content Development: Depending on the audience, that’s how we will “speak” to them.  Your brand’s voice will be reflected in the content we post. Content we create will be interesting, sometimes funny and compelling so people want to engage and share. Audiences also like stories regarding the day to day business and the people who run the company. We try to include that in our “story” posts now and then.

Fan Engagement: We take time to interact with your audience because that IS what being social is all about. We make a point of responding to posts as soon as possible. Our goal is to create an online buzz for your brand. Having fans sharing content, contests or special offers will provide an active flow of two-way communication.

Paid Advertising: Many social media platforms are offering cost effective and audience targeted promotions.  We’ll be sure to provide you with the best strategy possible for your advertising budget.

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