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Monica Kallas
Monica Kallas - President
About Us
A few words from Monica Kallas ...

So you want to know a bit about us… for small businesses, SharpShooter Marketing Group is more efficient and less costly than in-house marketing employees. We will attain better results because I personally coordinate the work of all the specialists who work with me. You may not be able to afford them when hired separately. Most importantly, my group and I ensure brand consistency and positive results.

I am passionate about my work in creating powerful messages. Since I believe in keeping things “real”, these campaigns typically include media production such as videos, drone photography, audio production, compelling content writing, websites, social media and internet marketing plus organizing and managing large events.

Presently our recording studio, SnowTree Productions, has placed original background music on 18 major network TV shows and advertisements. My 12-year experience in music production, artist marketing, band and show events has been a catalyst to this area of marketing. I also have extensive experience marketing within the real estate and tourism industries.

I am happiest when I am creating and thus I do that 24/7 via all sorts of projects.  My clients and the people I work with like the fact that I love what I do. I am always available to them since I operate at extended hours.

I am a results oriented person and am blessed with a team that is always learning and therefore capable of using all the latest and constantly changing technologies and applying the latest trends in our field.

With extensive experience, I successfully attain my clients’ business and financial goals using powerful and effective marketing/advertising.  Since my company is a one-stop-shop, I offer all types of advertising/marketing options and create custom campaigns that will work best for them and produce the desired results.

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