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About Us

About Us


About Us - Monica KallasThe Captain of the Ship


SharpShooter Marketing Group is a full service company that works in the Palm Beach County area as well as other areas in the United States.  It is owned and operated by Monica Kallas who has 30+ years of experience successfully marketing and operating her own businesses as well as clients’ businesses in a variety of industries.  She has hands on knowledge and expertise in creating marketing and advertising campaigns that work effectively and attain financial goals.

Monica loves all aspects of marketing and is passionate about her work. Most of the time you will find her with still and video cameras in hand. Video, photography and audio are production are her main focus now a days.

Besides servicing her clients, she is also an activist and works with GMO Free USA and GMO Free Florida to create awareness about the health issues connected to GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) in our food and consumer products. She helps educate the public on several platforms and also was the main organizer for the first annual March Against Monsanto in Wellington, Florida. She is also working towards passing a GMO Labeling Resolution in Wellington to tie in with the efforts for GMO labeling on the state and national levels.

Monica’s journey began 30 years ago as a professional photographer in Miami, Florida.  She did photography for the City of Miami as well as selling lithographs of her pictures to art stores.   At that same time, she worked for a corporation as a national accounts representative where she quickly became one of the top salespeople serving clients throughout the U.S.  A move to Orlando Florida landed her into an account executive position with a large Advertising Agency; her clients were two large real estate developers and a popular dance club on the Disney World grounds.  She continued doing photography for agency clients.

Her family then purchased an RV Resort in Lakeland, Florida where she became the Marketing Director.   Monica created unique, effective marketing campaigns to sell and max out out the maximum memberships in a short time.  She also created and operated a summer camp and martial arts school on premises to increase revenue.  In the resort, she organized and managed all events including the booking of all entertainment on a weekly basis and the food preparation.  She also worked with the Detroit Tigers doing photography for the team who happened to practice down the road at Marchant Stadium.

After the resort was sold, she moved to Wellington, Florida and formally studied real estate.   Monica created her own real estate company and became a State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser, Real Estate Salesperson, Realtor, and Investor.  Her business was very successful until the housing market declined.  During that same time she also created and operated a recording studio which she continues to manage and operate now with her son Alex Lipshaw. She also created many shows throughout Palm Beach County for bands to out at.

Today, Monica is focused on her true passion which is marketing.  With her wealth of knowledge, education, creativity, hands on experience and determination, she steers the ship called SharpShooter Marketing Group.  Included in the group is her other son Jon Lipshaw who works with writing assignments and social media marketing.  In addition, Monica recently launched Long Dog Company – a true family owned and operated business which includes both her sons and her parents.   The company creates, manufactures and distributes products to music stores nationally and to guitarists.  She also continues to stay active with the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and The South Florida Estonian Association.  For a detailed history of Monica’s experience, visit the LinkedIn link on this page.

Why You Should Choose SharpShooter Marketing Group

SharpShooter Marketing Group markets businesses, events, products, places, people, and ideas.  We want to get you from point A to point B in the most effective and efficient manner.  Initially, we invite you in to sit down and chat so you can explain your project and what it is you are trying to accomplish.  Every project is unique and we give you a tailor-made, step by step marketing and advertising campaign that is specific to your needs and will be effective and powerful.  We work with you; tieing in your thoughts and ideas into the overall plan so you are happy with the results.  Bottom line, we offer personalized service.  If there are any questions, you only have SharpShooter Marketing Group to call for updates on the status of your project which makes life simple for you.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create powerful, effective, cost efficient, marketing and advertising campaings for our clients in order for them to attain and exceed their business and financial goals.