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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Liking, Tweeting, Pinning, Instagramming, Sharing, Commenting …. today’s common phrases that really show how social media marketing has made a huge impact in our daily lives across all generations. Using Social Media Marketing helps to create credibility and position your brand within the marketplace while enhancing client loyalty. The use of social media allows you to become an authoritative voice, without being self-promoting, in an interactive setting by providing content rich information. Additionally, these platforms also encourage members to contribute, allowing you to organically build your audience. Add social media links to your website and that helps in many ways.


How Following, Subscribing and Liking can help your Brand


There are multiple benefits to adopting a strategic social media marketing plan of action:

Increased Brand Awareness: Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to market to and capture a targeted audience. Creating interesting and fresh content will make your followers more inclined to share posts and refer friends to follow your social profiles, organically expanding your brand’s exposure online. Youtube is another powerful platform to utilize for brand awareness and to offer your message.


Development of Brand Advocates: Strategic social media marketing content should not be overly promotional. While it is important  to promote your products and services, engaging your audience with interactive content, community building activities, and contests can help you develop new brand loyalists and advocates that will promote your brand in a positive light.


Revenue Generation: Whether your goal is to lead traffic to an ecommerce website or use a Facebook Store – social media is valuable for generating revenue on line 24/7.


Paid Advertising: Promoting videos and image ads is fairly inexpensive and the audience targeting is better than local television advertising.  Using Social Media Marketing to spread your message is more effective and cost efficient.


Our Social Media Marketing Services


The first thing we do here is create or update headers on all your social media sites that are consistent with your website and your brand. We also update all information so everything is uniform.


Social Media Setup: We look at your target audience and figure out where they are receiving their information. Our goal is to focus on the right social media channels for audience development. For example,teens are not interacting on the same platforms as say 50+ year olds are.


Content Development: Depending on the audience, that’s how we will “speak” to them.  Your brand’s voice will be reflected in the content we create and post. Content will not be a continual shouting out, but will be interesting, sometimes funny and engaging so people want to engage and share. We take time to interact with your audience in a language style that’s good with them.


Fan Engagement: We take time to interact with your audience because that IS what being social is all about. We want to create an online buzz for your brand. Having fans sharing content and creating a buzz about contests or special offers will provide an active flow of two-way communication.


Paid Advertising: Many social media platforms are offering cost effective and audience targeted promotions.  We’ll be sure to provide you with the best strategy possible for your advertising budget.