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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising


Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising gets you to the top of the page on a search. This is real helpful when your business needs to generate a significant amount of pertinent traffic right away. This is an awesome tool to use when you want to move ahead of your competition promptly. It helps you to solidify your space in searches for your product and/or services and it increase brand awareness in paid distribution channels. We utilize Google Adwords and other Pay Per Click platforms which are effective and fairly cost efficient when set up correctly. We also use Youtube Pre-Roll which works opposite so you only get charged if the “SkipThis Ad” is NOT clicked and the full ad runs.


Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising


Google-adwords-logo-1Immediate Lead Generation:
Promote new products and services through ads on search engines and see the clicks happen in real time.


Dominate the Page on Search Engines: Running a PPC campaign on Google in conjunction with an organic search strategy will give your brand presence on both the paid and non-paid listings of search engines, allowing you to dominate the page for your most important keywords.


Pay Only for Clicks: It’s that easy – you only pay when someone clicks your advertisement. Unlike traditional advertising, paid advertising allows you to set a budget and only pay when someone visits your landing page.


Understand Your Audience: By testing different paid advertising sources, you will be able to see which keywords, ads, and placements generate the best return on investment. Connect this to Google Analytics and you’ll learn more about your targeted audience’s consumer behavior online, and then adapt your strategy accordingly.


Our Pay Per Click Advertising Strategy


Keyword Research: Through extensive research, we will choose the best collection of keywords for search-based Texting and PPCcampaigns to maximize exposure and keep bid costs relatively low. We’ll coordinate this with the landing page so there is a high quality score as well.


Landing Page Development: Super important to the success of the campaign – the landing pages have to tie in neatly with the keywords in the ad. There also has to be a call to action and easy to follow steps will be used to increase conversion rates and maximize your return on investment.


Our Execution and Management


Campaign Creation and Testing: Step one requires a lot of monitoring and adjusting as immediate feedback from the campaigns allows us to analyze the current strategy and re-adjust ad text, landing pages, and keywords that are most effective at driving traffic and targeting leads.


Ongoing Monitoring: we will closely analyze click-through rate and conversion rates of each ad and make adjustments with regards to bid management. We’ll also be in close contact with you to make sure you are receiving the calls/sales/response that you want in house.