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Video Production and Advertising

Video Production and Advertising


We LOVE video production and video advertising! Video advertising, presentations, news stories and tutorials get your messages out efficiently and effectively to a large audience whether it’s on TV, the internet or at an event you’re speaking at. In addition, placing videos on your social media and website increases your presence on the internet as well. The best part is that social media videos are shared, liked and commented on which creates engagement and helps move your message to a larger audience. In addition, unlike many traditional forms of advertising, videos stay on the internet for YEARS so they reap views well into the future.


Here at SharpShooter Marketing Group we are a video production company and we create whatever you need. We use  professional HD video and audio equipment on shoots and also utilize our in-house recording studio for voice overs and jingles. Our production team creates a powerful  script, storyboard and provides direction during shoots. We also provide royalty free music that enhances the viewers’ experience.


Video advertising is a MUST DO in your marketing plans. The best part is that we make it so easy for you. SharpShooter Marketing Group does it all. Tell us what your message is and we’ll put together a powerful, fun and effective video. We’ll even promote your video in social media and connect it with the appropriate media parter to make sure your message is seen by the masses!


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