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Creative Marketing By Nike – Part Two


Jun 4, 2012 Blog, Creative Marketing , , , , 5 Comments

This creative marketing moment happened in 2008 when Nike hired NBA star Kobe Bryant to show off a spectacular jump wearing black Nike shoes.  It’s an average location in what appears to be a roof top parking lot in a city.  The filming of it is also average in that Kobe sets up the camera himself to video himself.  Initially, unless he is bending down, you don’t even see his face.  It appears to be just another typical video any Joe Shmo would be doing and posting on You Tube.  But then, the “average” turns into “extraordinary” as a rather expensive  Aston Martin comes zooming at Kobe on cue and he makes a perfect jump – unharmed – over this speeding car.  Ta Daaaaa.

Check out the link:

So the message is this:

Look at what Kobe can do when he wears our shoes.  These shoes can do the same for you.  Buy a pair.

You can relate to Kobe.  Even though he is an NBA star, he still likes to do “stupid and silly” things like you; he even records video like you.  If he likes them, so will you.

Nike also had Kobe jumping over a pool of snakes with the Jack Ass crew.  Funny stuff.  Same idea.

Check out the link:

As usual, Nike recognized what their target market likes.  They created a video that went viral and I’m sure they saw an increase in sales.