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Sex and Humor = Excellent Ad for MotoCorsa


Nov 7, 2013 Blog, Creative Marketing , , , Comments are off

It is commonly known that sex and humor “sell” when it comes to advertising.  Doing these themes tastefully and effectively while trying to sell a product or service can get tricky at times.  Of course doing both at once increases the possibility of an all out advertising campaign failure.  However, MotoCorsa, a motorcycle dealership in Portland, Oregon nailed it with a hysterical photo shoot and ensuing advertising campaign that drew the attention of a lot of people. A gorgeous model by the name of Kylie Shea Lewallan was asked to pose as a sexy pin-up girl with a red Read More

Creative Marketing for the Pet Rock – Part Five


Sep 17, 2013 Blog, Creative Marketing , , Comments are off

As a young teen in 1975, I remember adults around me buying, giving, receiving rocks in a box and I was perplexed why they were so joyful about this.  I thought to myself that if anyone gifted me a rock I would take the thing in my hand and clunk it over the person’s head to knock some sense into them.  Rocks (unless they are diamonds or other precious gems) are not special.  And to see adults taking care of their rocks really made me think that humanity as a whole was doomed. Now that I’m older and specializing in Read More

Creative Marketing by Daryl Hall – Part Four


Jun 24, 2012 Blog, Creative Marketing , , , , , , 2 Comments

Where does a musician/band/artist go after reaching the apex of success in the music industry decades ago??  I’m sure the fates of many come to mind.  I can’t help but think of tall hose who ended up on skid row.  However, there are success stories as well and I want to share one in particular with you which includes a well executed marketing campaign. For those of you who don’t listen (or didn’t listen) to music from 1970’s and 1980’s, there was a band that was a fusion of “rock & roll” and “rhythm & blues” called Hall & Oates Read More

Creative Marketing by Kodak – Part Three


Jun 10, 2012 Blog, Creative Marketing , , 3 Comments

Marketing campaigns I have always admired were those presented by Eastman Kodak, maker of cameras and film.  As a photographer, I must admit I was exposed (excuse the pun) to many of their ads.  Even as a 16 year old fledgling photographer driving around Long Island with my mom to take pictures of horses or out to the Hamptons to take pictures of motocross races (my boyfriend raced); Kodak was my film of choice. What I found interesting was that Kodak wasn’t advertising a specific camera or this thin, long, spooled up,  dark colored, glossy “stuff” called film when airing Read More

Creative Marketing By Nike – Part Two


Jun 4, 2012 Blog, Creative Marketing , , , , 5 Comments

This creative marketing moment happened in 2008 when Nike hired NBA star Kobe Bryant to show off a spectacular jump wearing black Nike shoes.  It’s an average location in what appears to be a roof top parking lot in a city.  The filming of it is also average in that Kobe sets up the camera himself to video himself.  Initially, unless he is bending down, you don’t even see his face.  It appears to be just another typical video any Joe Shmo would be doing and posting on You Tube.  But then, the “average” turns into “extraordinary” as a rather expensive  Aston Read More

Creative Marketing By Tourism Queensland – Part One


May 22, 2012 Blog, Creative Marketing , , , , 53 Comments

Tourism Queensland was in need of a little more market attention back in January of 2009.  Their current marketing team was not generating the results Tourism Queensland wanted so that team of experts were given their pink slips and a new, unique marketing campaign ensued.  Take a look at what they did…. So this spot advertised a job position titled  “Best Job In The World” and was posted on the internet for the world to view.  As you can see, it included a 6 month stay in a nice expensive hotel in a rather nice location.  It also required Read More